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Integration Programme


Integration Programme for Persons with Social Needs (IPPSN) was established in 2000 in Stuttgart, Germany. The aim of IPPSN is to sponsor disabled and disadvantaged persons in order to help them solve their main problems:

  • img01Integrate them better in our society
  • Create job opportunities for them
  • Support them to live a decent life

All projects initiated by IPPSN aim at fulfilling these concepts and make it available to as many people as possible. These projects have been implemented on different continents and include services such as:

  • img02Sponsor rallies for the disabled and disadvantaged in different countries in order to train them on specific technics and to raise the awareness in the community for their needs.
  • Develop with each local community solutions which allow integrating disabled and disadvantaged persons better into their local society in order to attain more independent mobility and job opportunities.
  • img03Since ICT is advancing in rapidly, it was necessary to support the adaptation of Graphic User Interfaces (GUI) such as WINDOWS and INTERNET (HTTP) for the disabled and make it accessible for them.
  • Develop new hardware systems for mobile use of the visually disabled in order to overcome the digital gap to prevent their discrimination in their private, social and working lives.
  • bmwtlogoThis Research and Development (RD) resulted in the cooperation with different companies and ICT departments at German Universities and supporting projects in this specific field. As a result new Windows and LINUX based solutions have been implemented. These projects have been subsidised in part by the German Government, Ministry of Economics and Technology.