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Digital Library Network


The ICT concept is being developed further and sees the need to distribute accessibility services in different regions and network them with each other via the web in order to make it accessible for disabled persons. This concept will allow using all human and data resources jointly and reduce the cost and hardship of each user. This new concept is named Digital Library Network (DLN).

The DLN concept encompasses two major initiatives for persons with special needs:

  • Empowering them to overcome the digital gap through ICT services
  • Securing all kind of data in an accessible format for them

The DLN is a modern server/internet based software concept for integrated Barrier Free Services for persons with special needs. The DLN concept can be implemented in any business or public sector and render its data output in a barrier free format and make it accessible for the foresaid group.

The DLN concept fully supports Unicode and XML formats which makes it possible to work with all major languages (e.g. Arabic, English etc.). It is able to convert all data from XML into Barrier Free Format such as PDF, DAISY, BRAILLE and others. The DLN runs with current Operating systems such as LINUX or Windows. Due to its modern architecture it is very flexible, fast and reliable.

The content management system of the DLN allows distributing the accessible and barrier free data to the mentioned group and allows them to cope with job training and work integration on different systems and security levels. The DLN concept can be also adapted to serve as an access point to e-Government services with barrier free format for persons with special needs.

The DLN concept includes the following services (and many more):
a) Accessibility Services to support Speech & Accessible Digital Output (TTS/Daisy)
b) E-Book and E-Learning over the internet for education and training (eBook/eLearning)
c) Linking up Work Groups and partner Institutions over the internet (Shared Services)
d) Membership for each user with “cloud” services for interactive use on multi systems